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2013-10-14 02:50 pm

Pls help me with any job

Posted By: hannah-salom regarding Walvis Bay Airport


2013-09-20 02:28 pm

Their are busy with renovations at our airport, and it will look amazing after it will be completed.

Posted By: sharon-martin regarding Walvis Bay Airport


2015-06-09 03:56 pm

It is a small airport that is currently being renovated. Facilities are basic including a restaurant/Kiosk, Toilets and Car rental. Don't expect too much but like I say it is still under construction.

Posted By: nelieta-mishchenko regarding Walvis Bay Airport


2015-07-05 07:13 pm

Small but offers great service to constant travellers like myself.

Posted By: patrick-haraeb regarding Walvis Bay Airport


2015-11-25 06:17 pm

how much is the airline from walvis to Ghana? i really want to go vist my wife before christmas

Posted By: tangeni-johannes regarding Walvis Bay Airport