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2012-12-31 02:38 am

I would like to make an appoint with the dentist please?

Posted By: timoteus-abraham regarding Welwitschia Private Hospital


2015-02-12 04:33 am

This is were my life start

Posted By: evelyn-gaweses-gaweses regarding Welwitschia Private Hospital


2015-07-16 11:20 am

on 24th December 2014 my father in Law was rushed to this Hospital whilst on Holiday visiting Family in Namibia. He fell ill while on this holiday and suffered a severe stroke abroad. The Family members rushed him to this hospital and stated the situation of him collapsing. The sister who does not want to mention her name said that his medical doesnt cover him and put his shoes back on and said we should take him to a public hospital, not evens taking the seriousness of the situation into consideration.
all they could do was to see to him, money wasnt a problem, their attitude towars us seem to be we dont have money. Ridiculous i would say. the first 3 hours of a stroke is dentrimental and they shouldve known this however their nursing oath obviously means absolutely nothing.
he was laying at the public hospital for2 days without being seen by a doctor and lived off his own tablets.
we arranged from cape town for him to be collected with emergency services via the aircraft and all the erson could say at the public hospital was that he cant fly. So tell me if this could be paid for why couldnt you just taken him in and seen to the problem.
beware Namibian Hospital this does not end here. we are surely on your heels for your bad service delivery and pain and suffering caused by a private hospital that has no ethics or values.
see you in court!!

Posted By: winston-bowers regarding Welwitschia Private Hospital