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2013-11-06 12:48 pm

We need jobs

Posted By: keith-behrens regarding Namport Head Office


2014-03-23 08:49 pm

STAY AWAY IF U WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY!!!!!! I use Maputo port or Dares-salaam port all the times with no major problems. I heard good things about Namibia WALVIS BAY port that you can put stuff in your vehicle and find it untouched. So I took a chance and spent more since it's far from Malawi. To cut a long story short, these people are thieves like nobody's business. The stole clothes, shoes, computers, plates, lift weights and cups in 1 truck. The same week they stole 9 mattresses from 9 freightliners. We had a van truck from UK with 10 lcd tvs and 1000 tshirts locked inside a small vehicle that was inside the van truck; Well, they went as far as breaking the window of the small car and stole everything. They also broke a window of a minibus from UK and stole a big stove. The agents don't help at all and blame the shipping crew but the same ships goes to Durban and Maputo without big stuff missing but maybe sometimes a radio or a blanket. On our way back to Zambia border, we had car robbers chasing us for almost 100kms. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM WALVIS BAY, ITS AN ORGANIZED CRIME.

Posted By: munthuwankulu-bay regarding Namport Head Office