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2015-01-15 10:01 pm

Posted By: torsten-finkeldeh regarding Sandwich Harbour 4x4


2015-10-01 10:36 pm

Posted By: dee-p regarding Sandwich Harbour 4x4


2015-03-23 05:10 am

Incredible and unforgettable experience on the dunes. For some reason I didn't fully grasp the reality of how high these dunes are and what the experience would be like until I was sat in the vehicle. They are huge! It's the best natural roller coaster I've ever been on. Our guide was knowledgeable and interesting and he knew the area like the back of his hand. Highly recommended.

Posted By: marie-frei regarding Sandwich Harbour 4x4


2012-03-19 01:28 pm

Verry frindly and great price for stay in walvis !!!

Posted By: andreas-huebner regarding Buschtrommel Accommodation & Tours