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2014-11-29 05:44 pm

5 STARS! I just watched my skydiving video that they created and had a huge smile on my face. The guys are really nice, and they keep you calm and comfortable. David shot my video and I was strapped to Frank for the tandem jump. I went a week ago with two other friends. I was pretty reluctant since I am afraid of heights/don't like that drop in my stomach. But they made me feel really comfortable and relaxed, making jokes on the way up and extremely friendly. If the guy is playing tetris on the way up, you know things are going to be ok. A) It's like diving into a postcard, so the heights thing doesn't seem to apply, it's surreal. B) you don't feel that drop in your stomach for very long, maybe a split second. Totally worth it and a great experience! Do this plus ATVing if you're in Swakopmund!

Posted By: lucy-dee regarding Ground Rush Adventures